About Brendan

The Photographer

Brendan grew up in a family of artists. His mother is an art teacher and a highly skilled oil painter and stained glass artist, and one of his aunts is a professional fine art painter. He started learning the art of photography while in high school where he studied black and white film photography for two years. His passion continued after high school. For a short while he continued to work with black and white film and had a dark room in his parents basement. Eventually, Brendan left film to start shooting exclusively with digital.

His work has always been in landscape and nature photography, with a particular interest in how images can be used to help conserve wild places. While working for the Adirondack Mountain Club as the Johns Brook Property Coordinator Brendan assisted in managing ADK's social media accounts. He believed that providing striking images of the Adirondack landscape would keep people connected to the Adirondacks and inspire them to become advocates for its protection. He continues to focus on using his photography to aid conservation, most recently developing a project to tell the story of the Adirondack Summit Stewardship Program. 

The Scientist

The other side of Brendan's life is that of a scientist. He holds an Associates Degree in Environmental Science from Hudson Valley Community College, a Bachelors Degree in Field Biology form Paul Smiths College, and a Ph.D. in Paleolimnology from Queen's University. His primary focus is how aquatic ecosystem are responding to recent climate change. He is also keenly interested in how best to convey scientific discoveries and understanding to the public. Currently, Brendan is working for the Ausable River Association as their Stewardship & Outreach Coordinator where he oversees a variety of programs, including their water quality monitoring efforts. 

The Person

Brendan's main passions in life are dogs and the outdoors. He is a lover of all animals, but especially those of the genus Canis. In 2009, he rescued a black lab from what was likely a drug house outside of Kingston, ON. Initially unsure of what he was going to do with the dog, he quickly fell in love and the two haven't left each others sides since then. Brendan renamed the dog Khyber after the Khyber Pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Khyber was one of the only dogs to ever go on field trips with Brendan's lab at Queen's. He was also the official back door greeter and guardian at Johns Brook Lodge for several years. Now, Khyber spends time sleeping under Brendan's desk and enjoys venturing to Adirondack summits to take early morning photographs.

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